Arson lands man in court

By Mike Chakwana

A 40 year old father allegedly used inflammable substance to burn his ex wife relatives huts after they had separated due to a misunderstanding

It is the state’s case that on the 4th of November 2018, Sheckton Hakunavanhu set two huts on fire that belonged to Trevor Ncube after the accused had been threatening his ex wife’s son that he was the one who was causing all the misunderstanding with his wife.

The accused appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate facing charges of burning the two huts and also threatening the complainant before the burning incident.

“The accused once threatened me when l used his ladder and that day he was drunk so l thought he was just playing,” said Ncube.

He added that the two also had some misunderstanding during their marriage and he was the one who always stop the fights.

“The fire destroyed all the property including some national identity cards, maize and fertiliser,” he said.

“The accused also suspected me that l was having an affair with his wife and that day he threatened me with death before burning the huts,” he said.

China Maphosa who was the witness and also the accused ex wife said that Hakunavanhu was a well known for assaulting people.

“After l refused to open the door the accused went to Ncube’s homestead and burnt two huts,” she said.

“The police were alerted about the incidents .They swiftly responded and they found foot prints of Hakunavanhu’s shoes as proof of evidence,”said Maphosa.

In defence , the accused told the court that when the incident happened he was asleep and the case was a gang up of Ncube, Maphosa and his father.

“l was assaulted by the complainant when l was caught by the police,” said Hakunavanhu.

The case was postponed to 12 February 2018.

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