Gweru mayor says he will be fool to accept $150k Merc


Gweru Mayor Josiah Makombe has dismissed as speculation that council is buying luxurious vehicles for executives saying service delivery remains council’s top priority.

Speaking at a press briefing in Gweru this week Makombe said council remain focused on serving people as more needs to be done on service delivery than purchasing of expensive cars

“We have directors and management who were employed in 2016 who are entitled to get cars on contract basis but we cannot prioritise the issue of vehicles when the city is in a poor state. I will be a fool to accept a $150 000 Mercedes Benz at the expense of service delivery .We want to keep the train moving towards the goal that we are here for.

“I heard speculation that is circulating in the media and even read some information that this council want to buy luxurious cars for the mayor and the executives.

“Let me tell you I haven’t seen that document or proposal in my office yet. As you are aware thematic committees are still sitting giving their proposals on various issues that is from service delivery to workers conditions by the final draft is still yet to be formulated.

“As for me I have my own cars which are my personal properties and are fine with those,” he said.

Makombe said the council was focusing on refurbishing the Gwenoro plant and other facilities by buying the needed pumps and rehabilitating the city‘s robots and roads.

“Currently we are experiencing power cuts which are affecting our water pumping operations. So I met with the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) General Manager and he told me that they are going to give us dedicated power line to smoothen our water pumping.

“we have already engaged towards the city‘s development because they’re a lot of concerns which need to be addressed.We want to work towards rehabilitating our city infrastructure because as you know we have our streets lights which are not working well and some of our roads need to be patched well,” said Makombe

The address came after speculations that Gweru council has set aside $1,7 million  to buy luxurious car and department utility vehicles  for the  Mayor and top Executives in its proposed 2019 budget.

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