Kwekwe declared Cholera free

By Arthur Tagara

City of Kwekwe health department  has declared the city free from cholera after no death record was compiled stating the disease as the cause.

A senior official from the local authority confirmed that there is no cholera in the city.

“Currently we can say that our city is free from cholera outbreaks since no cases of cholera or cholera related cases have been reported in this town,” the official said.

Residents since the outbreak of the epidemic in Harare have been living in fear of the epidemic.

“Right now our rapid response team is still intact and our health centre for the treatment of cholera patients is still in place just in case of any outbreak,” the official said.

The surveys clearly show that 90 percent of the residents have access of clean and safe water from the city council.

“Although there are still some challenges being faced by the council of people who are failing to clear their debts, we have been lenient with the people who are not faithful in paying their charges but we have not failed the city by shutting down the water supply,” the official said.

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