Police raid money changers

Observer Reporter

Police this week raided illegal street money changers in the Central Business Distict, The Midlands Observer reports.

Hordes of police details could be seen milling around town as they moved to clamp on the illegal operators who have taken over the money market.

For the past weeks the illegal money changers have been holding the nation at ransom after the US dollar against bond climaxed to around 600% in the past weeks.

In an interview with The Midlands Observer one of the street money changers said the economic situation in Zimbabwe forced him to go on the illegal market to eke a living.

“The situation in the country is almost hard for everyone and to our surprise we saw the police this morning coming to places where we do our business trying to arrest us,” he said.

“We understand that people are angry but we are not the ones causing the chaos. In fact we are also angry because this is what we do for a living. There is no employment in the country the police should understand that, they should let us be, how do we survive?” he added.

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