Minister says unemployment major cause of machetes

It is regrettable that our people deteriorate to such predatory animal behavior. We cannot allow this to continue.

By William Milasi

Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavhima has said the fundamental problem which has fueled machetes in the province is youth’s unemployment.

Addressing Kwekwe journalists recently Mavhima said government is concerned with the deadly machete wars which have claimed many in the province.

To address the problem the minister said the country’s securocracy is currently gripped with the matter.

“In our provincial Joint Operations Command (JOC) meetings were i am the chairperson the issue of machetes in the province has always cropped up. The security sector is currently gripped with the matter as we cannot allow such a scourge to continue,” he said.

He highlighted the major cause of machetes.

“The fundamental problem is that youths are unemployed. As government we need to introduce programs to take youths from this quick money. Youths have been driven by desperation and lack of guidance. It is disturbing that our youths are no longer respecting life,” he said.

Mavhima slammed machete violence perpetrators as bandits.

“We are extremely worried about this banditry and lawlessness as a result of disputes occurring amongst artisanal miners. We resolved as JOC that we are not going to tolerate the situation. One death is too many. We cannot tolerate a situation were artisanal miners are using guns, and homemade weapons in their wars. It is saddening that our youths are butchering each other for the sake of a mere $200 which they might have made,” Mavhima expressed concern.

He added, “It is regrettable that our people deteriorate to such predatory animal behavior. We cannot allow this to continue.”

Government, Mavhima said has identified some hot spot mines were machete wars were rampant one of them being Kwekwe based Gaika.

The closure of Gaika Mine, Mavhima explained is not an isolated incident but a national program to sanitize the country.

“I can confirm that Gaika Mine is one of the mines listed to be addressed from a national point of view. It is not an isolated case. There is a whole list of mines which we said must be dealt with,” he said.

Gaika was one of the hot spots in terms of machete wars.

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