Boxing galore for Kwekwe

Sports Reporter

Kwekwe boxing lovers are in for a treat as the Zimbabwe Boxing Federation has pencilled a tournament for the 27th of  October this year at Golden Mile Hotel.

The blow exchanging event will be hosted over two days, the president of the Federation Jim Mpalale has revealed.

Mpalale in an interview with this publication said that preparations are now in progress for the day and they are expecting from all over the country.

Mpalale  said the purpose of holding this big tourney is to raise funds for a boxing team that is supposed to go to Botswana this coming December.

This follows a statement made by sports and recreation commission (SRC)in which it was requesting the ZBF to find ways of raising funds for the team that is supposed to go for AU tournaments in Botswana this coming December.

“The purpose for holding this big day is to come up with the Team Zimbabwe from the amateurs that will represent the country in the AU Games to be held in Botswana this coming December. We also want to   raise funds for our boxers since the Sports and Recreation Commission board  raised a complaint of lack of funds,” Mpalale said.

“Boxers are going to come from all the regions of the country and we have tried to consult some business organisations like OK Mart, Dendairy, Metro Peach and Calvary Furniture’s to come and support this big event,” he said.

“Our main concern now is the issue of promoters and funding because it seems like no one wants to support this sport,” he added.

“So far only Calvary Furniture’s has donated 30 shields for this tournament”.

“All we are crying for is for our government to show interest when it comes to sporting activities as it contribute a lot to the country’s development,” he said.


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