Silobela man up for assault

By Asher Manzini

A Silobela man appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate Story Rushambwa facing charges of assault along with demanding payment from the victim who had assaulted his wife.

The State alleges that on 29 September 2018 Silus Ncube (38) assaulted Mtokozisi Ndlovu at Malisa Shopping Centre in Silobela.

On the following day Ncube is also said to have threatened Ndlovu to assault him with a machete if he doesn’t pay him for assaulting his wife.

During the court proceedings, Ncube argued that he did not assault Ndlovu but asked for a $200 fine from him for assaulting his wife.

“I did not assault anyone but l simply asked for money from those who assaulted my wife at the bus stop because I felt aggrieved by the incident.

“I could not stand by while these people go unpunished so l decided that they give me $200,” he said.

He also added that Ndlovu paid him $100 on the first day and the remaining $100 on the following day.

Magistrate Rushambwa fumingly told the accused that you cannot demand payment without a court order under any circumstance that might be.

“Who are you to demand payment, it is the court’s duty to decide on the matter not for you to take action in your own hands,” said Rushambwa.

Rushambwa also noted that it was a very serious offense Ncube was facing and if found guilty would face a long time away behind bars.

The trial date was set for 9 October while the accused is set to remain in custody due to the severity of his case.

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