Zimdancehall artist loses 8k

By Taurai Maunga

A Zimdancehall artist has lost $8000 after a burglary at his Amaveni home.

Pardon Kalisa (24) known by a legion of fans as Tiny Trigger who also doubles as a money changer to eke out a living lost his money while at a show.

“As usual I always leave my money behind when I am doing other business and when I came back from the show I looked for my money, that’s when I realised it was stolen. For a moment I thought maybe I was hallucinating but it was reality.”

“I am not pointing any fingers but all I know is only those who know my movements are the ones who are responsible for this because I hid my money on a safe place before I left as always. All I can say is Jah knows, even if they don’t want me to prosper but all I need is Jah blessings and I will never give up as I am doing two jobs 1 as a money changer and 2 as an artist,” said Trigger.

Police are currently carrying out investigations.

Trigger ventured in the business of changing money two years ago.

The business seems to be paying dividends as he managed to purchase a car for himself.

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