Trio nabbed for stealing car tyres

By Mike Chakwana

Three Mbizo men are standing accused of six theft counts.

The trio Hillary Mutara, Enock Banda and Joseph Mutondo are facing charges of stealing car tyres, batteries and cell phones in June this year.

Witnesses told the court that the accused would steal from cars which would parked outside residential areas.

One of the complainants Cyder Mukutyani said he managed to identify his two Dunlop wheels because he had marked them.

They trio using the same modus operandi also stole car tyre worth $120 from Marria Kambanizite and nothing was recovered.

The trio also proceeded to steal a battery, cell phone and 15 litres petrol which they drained from a parked Honda fit at number 1346/1Ext.

Banda told the court that Mutara was his boss and sometime he would call him at night to accompany him for business whilst he didn’t know which type of business was his boss doing.

State papers indicated that the accused used to sell their tyres at Emmuel Sibanda who was their customer.

Banda accepted all the crimes that he accompanied his bosses but the two refused that they didn’t steal anything.

“My boss usually does his business during the night were l was not allowed to talk or speak anything to those people,” said Banda.

Magistrate Rushambwa told the court that if you accompany someone in a crime you are also committing a crime.

The accused were remanded in custody after their case was postponed to 27 September.

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